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Frogner Manor


Frogner Manor



Set in the beautiful surroundings of Frogner Park is a popular Oslo attraction called the Frogner Manor. It is a part of the Oslo City Museum with beautiful interiors and portraits. During the summers, there are tours available in which you can roam around the magnificent halls of the manor.


Since 1746, the manor has gone through several families who bought it as their permanent residence. You will find traces from the periods of Bernt Anker, Christinia, and the Gade families here. In 1909, it was purchased by the Municipality of Oslo and has since then been a prominent attraction in the city. Situated on the second floor of the museum, Frogner Manor is home to medieval styled interiors that date back to the period from 1750 to 1900. You will find ancient furniture and artefacts kept intact and well-maintained. Bernt Anker’s ballroom, dating back to the 1790s, is one amongst the various attractions inside the manor. You can also see the artwork of Asta Nørregaard throughout the hallways and rooms inside the manor.


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Frognerveien 67, 0266 Oslo, Norway

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